Finding our way home to God amid the sorrows and joys of life

The Briery Retreat Centre

6 day preached retreat from May 8th—14th, led by Bishop John Crowley   “The whole of our spiritual journey revolves around these two things: we are troubled when we contemplate ourselves, and our troubles bring us to salvation; when we contemplate God we are restored by the joy of the Holy Spirit” (St Bernard of Clairvaux […]


Re-Discovering the Disturbing Freshness of Jesus

6 day preached retreat from July 10th—16th, led by Fr  Eamonn Mulcahy, CSSp Allowing ourselves to be challenged by the newness and originality of Jesus’ Mission and Ministry as refracted through the Prism of his Parables and Storytelling.  



Weekend retreat from Dec 13th—15th, led by Fr  Chris Thomas