We can offer a wide variety of options available for retreats, prayer and spiritual guidance
Who are we?
We are a group who are trained/formed in spiritual accompaniment/direction and prayer guiding in the Ignatian tradition.
Some of us are religious, some are single, some are married, some are parents & grandparents, some have training and experience in education and/or catechesis.

The following can be offered in parishes or deaneries:
 Retreats in Daily Life
 Open Door Retreats
 Weeks of Guided Prayer
 Ways of Praying: Days or Evenings
 Stillness, Lectio Divina, Imaginative Contemplation, Examen, Images of God, Praying with Images/Pictures, Advent and
Lent Themes
 Prayer Guiding for existing parish groups e.g. SVP, Bible Study groups, prayer groups, CAFOD teams, youth teams etc
 ‘Do you love me?’ – The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales document on Catholic spirituality offers essential ingredients to help Catholics deepen their relationship with the Lord. Do you love me? provides a practical guide to prayer and spirituality. Parish groups can use this resource themselves or members of The Briery Team are available for guidance and support.

Please contact The Briery Retreat Centre if your parish or deanery is interested in any of these retreats or ways of praying.

For further details and queries about Spiritual Accompaniment and Prayer Guiding please contact a member of the Briery Leadership Team:
Sr Anne Hammersley       annecp@btconnect.com
Fr Dennis Cassidy             dennis.cassidy@dioceseofleeds.org.uk
Mrs Linda Pennington     lindapen@btconnect.com

Spiritual Accompaniment (Direction) and Supervision

Members of The Briery Team are available for individual spiritual accompaniment (sometimes known as spiritual direction).
Contact The Briery Retreat Centre who will put you in touch with a member of The Briery Team who would be able to offer spiritual accompaniment (direction).

A Week of Guided Prayer

Opening Session from 5.oo-6.30pm on Sunday
Closing Session from 7.00-9.00pm on Friday

What is a Week of Guided Prayer?

It is a daily time of prayer (aiming at 30 minutes) and a daily (30 minute) individual meeting with an experienced prayer guide.

Who is it for?
Anyone who is already Christian and who wants to deepen their prayer life, or someone who is not sure what they believe but is willing to take a risk and seriously explore the reality of God. Either way, it is for any generous soul willing to commit to the elements of the retreat.

What happens?
Each participant is invited to pray privately for at least 30 minutes each day, and will meet with his/her prayer guide privately for 30 minutes each day at a mutually agreed time and place.
Since each participant is unique (as well as each prayer guide) exactly what happens during the retreat is different for each person.
During the one-on-one meetings, the prayer guide typically is much more of a listener and companion than a teacher or sharer of wisdom. The participant brings to these sessions his/her experiences of what happened during the prayer times as well as other life events and experiences relevant to his/her relationship with God.
The prayer guide listens and responds with a welcoming, non-judgmental, compassionate presence – not only to the participant, but also to God’s Spirit moving in their midst. By reflecting back to the retreatant what is heard, by asking an open ended question, by sitting together in silent prayer, or in various other ways, the prayer guide can often help the retreatant to listen more deeply to what God wishes to communicate, as well as help the retreatant get more in touch with what s/he wishes to communicate to God. All of this occurs under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Why do it?
When we are generous, God is more so. Even people who only took part because they felt sorry for their priest or chaplain have got a lot out of the week! We encounter a God who loves and calls us. It can also be a great help in making or confirming decisions, big or small.

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